Vápeč is a hill 956 m above the see level in the north-west Slovakia close to the town Ilava. Despite of the fact that it is a quite small hill, it really surprised me.
As our photo-trips are usually undertaken at night to be able to stand on the top during the sunrise, sometimes it happens that we are not able to find the start of the path. Especially, if we are there for the first time as it was in that case. It was necessary to find the red marked path, so a small navigation might be  usefull.

We left our car in the end of the village Horna Poruba.
48° 55´58,37" N
18° 18´29,74" E
It was necessary to continue across the meadow (along a fence) and to join the red marked path that comes from Horna Poruba.

The rest is easy, only to follow the red marked path towards the top of Vápeč. It is only necessary not to miss the place where the path turns left (after 15 min. walking). The trip takes approx. 90 minutes, with good physical condition 60 minutes. I was not able to catch the sunrising (I was on the top 5 minutes after it) but the first light was still perfect enough and I enjoyed it.

Above Ilava there was a nice inversion. Unfortunatelly, the first light  was interrupted by a big cloud and it was necessary to wait approx. 90 minutes to be able to continue with taking the photos.

I was surprised with the local light which sometimes appeared and in combination with the colours of autumn, it was very nice.

Inversion above Ilava was still there.

I think that this trip was successful and looking at the photos I would like to go there again.

And bellow you can see the shadow of our hill in nice colored autumn coctail with inversion cream.

We continued from the top following the yellow marked path and when we reached the nice artificial lake close to Horna Poruba we turned towards our car.
And from the village we admired our hill. Also in noon light it was a very nice view.

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