Andalusia is a historic area in the south of Spain. We visited it in 2012 within our summer holiday and left us really fond memories. During our stay we visited Gibraltar (separate article), Nerja, Ronda, Granada and Marbella.

Significant part of our stay we spent in a beautiful hotel Marinas de Nerja which I can recommend also to the more demanding holidaymakers.

Excellent hotel services and also every evening a special program. We enjoyed for example a local dance Flamenco.

Directly above the hotel was the hill Punta Lara residential area where we used to go for walks. According to the mailboxes has been seen that many villas were owned by an Englishman who spent their holidays here, or retirement. Cheap Spain with a pleasant climate must be lucrative for them.

2 km from the hotel was situated town of Nerja. The town was amazing especially in the evening when street lamps lighted. Amount of souvenir shops, restaurants with tables on the street, street performers .

And the Balcon de Europa, a kind view over the sea, so named by King Alfonso XII. in 1885. About the law, because the view from there is really impressive and good weather apparently see through to Marbella.

King has also its statue there, so we took photo with him and gave him a kiss because the view was really beautiful.

Thanks to the world-famous Cuevas de Nerja cave, which we did not visit Nercha is one of the most visited cities throughout Andalusia. It has 16 km of sandy beach from which the most beautiful beach is 800 meters long Buriana. Near the town we discovered the old aqueduct Áquila.

Not far from Nerja there is the white village of Frigiliana, supposedly one of the most beautiful in Andalusia. We love, but it was located in a decent hill and although the narrow streets provide shade, early evening sun there burned like hell. I was thinking that a better could be there in early evening, once the sun goes down and the white houses begin to gleam with artificial light from windows and street lamps.

We visited the resort town of Marbella and Puerto Banúz, who apparently belongs to the rich and famous. Luxury yachts, expensive cars, designer shops, landscaped sandy beaches. Only those price .... for example small ice-cream came to 3.50 euros. After two hours we've had enough luxury. If there was some celebrity we were not able to know him so better was to go away.

Finally I ask my friend to take a photo of me with a Ferrari and we went to visit the town of Ronda built on cliffs. In Ronda there is also the famous arena for corrida.

Our little car Ford Ka started to have problems on the way back. Driving was becoming tearing, the engine began to lose power and we also some signal about the motor error appered. We prefer it before traveling to Granada exchanged in rental agency for larger Ford Focus.


The purpose of our other trip was the historic city of Granada with the famous red castle - Alhambra. Sometimes in the 9th century AD, this medieval fortress was  built by Moors in a strategic location. It was the time when the power status of Islam in Spain threatened penetration Christians. Later, with the advent of Nasrid dynasty became a royal residence and was followed by a golden age marked by the construction of beautiful palaces and gardens. Many of them were called a paradise on earth. Alhambra after the conquest of Christians in 1492 was partialy destroyed, but it also built other notable buildings. Napoleon wanted blow up the fortress but some crippled soldier decided to destroy all explosives and saved Alhambra for future generations.

Overpriced tour to Alhambra organized also our hotel (75 € per person). The four of us together, we would have paid for the pride of Spain "ridiculous"  300 €. Better was to hire a car because the entrance payed directly in the box office of Alhambra costed only 13 € and the city itself was just an hour drive.
Hotel delegate warned us that the entrance to the Alhambra must be ordered through internet in advance, that the ticket includes the exact time of entering etc. It was not true. We came to the cashier at 8.20 pm it means  10 minutes before the opening. No problem to buy the tickets.  Movement inside the fort is free only to to enter the Moorish Palacio Nazaries was necessary to respect the time marked on tickets. But the Palace was wonderful. It is one of the most beautiful Arab buildings in Europe. Everything here is thought out to the smallest detail, gardens, architecture, ornaments on the walls.

Then we went to the Alcazaba Citadel with beautiful views of Granada itself. I have to underline also the visit of beautiful Generalife gardens (translated architect's garden).

It was one of the hottest days we've experienced here in Andalusia. Our plan to visit Sierra Nevada mountains (close to Granada) with 3,500 m height was cancelled. Mountains were almost not visible due to fog, so we decided not to go there.

What to say in conclusion? Andalusia is a need to experience and maybe even go back there ...

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