Expedition to Swiss Zermatt we planned a year earlier, unfortunately the rain spoiled our plans at the last minute and we had to cancel the booked accommodations. In 2011 the indian summer was incredibly long and local webcams showed that there is a beautiful weather. After the night driving through Austria, Germany and Switzerland we parked our car at Ottawan (2216 m). As we drove our car to Ottawan we could admire the red-colored Matterhorn. Beauty that we almost lost the breath.

Ottawan is a small village with a few huts and the possibility of free parking in the valley above the village of Täsch. Maybe the GPS coordinates could be usefull:

46° 03´29,92" N
7° 48´39,54"  E

You can also park in parking lots directly in the village Täsch (with payment), but from Ottawan you can  start hiking from a higher altitude. Our aim was Fluhalp cottage it means it was necessary to continue from Ottawan through well marked Europawag path, which is full of spectacular views of the Matterhorn and Zermatt (Europaweg is a red line connected 3 black dots on the map bellow).

Zermatt lies at the foot of the Matterhorn. You can get there only by train from Tasch, or by electromobil. Cars with the combustion engines can not go there. Swiss know how to protect their treasures.

From this point you can see the lake Stellisee and the mountain restaurant Fluhalp where we will spend the next two nights (chalet is left up in the end of the path).

We had heavy backpacks packed for 4 following days. Especially drinking water and our photo equipment tend to weigh more than anyone would be willing to lug. My friends kept the original plan to left the backpacks in the cottage and than to continue by foot to Rothorn. I decided to use the cable car from Sunnegga directly to Rothorn - the hill situated above our cottage where I waited them several few hours. I certainly do not regreted it. I was happy to relish the view to the most beautiful hill in the world and the surrounding glaciers.

The boys arrived on time to catch early evening theater. Bellow you can see how the  highest mountain in Switzerland, and the second highest mountain in Europe  Monte Rosa colored:

And this is my photo of the evening:

We fooling there for a long time after sunset:

The following morning we were going to take pictures of the sunrise at the lake Stellisee. Especially because of the fact we came here and for this reason I choose accommodation in our cottage 5 minutes from the lake. My friend Stano has run out early in the morning again on the top of Rothorn to hunt light from that point. Me and Janko we went to Stellisee and we did well:

And this is the photo that won the Grand Prix Travel Photo photo contest 2012:

Incredible beauty, which a mountain photographer can experience in the mountains rarely:

Later, when the good light lost, we returned to the cottage. Have such a view from my house - what would I get for it?

Around noon we went to Rothorn using the cable car from Sunnegga. Light has been flat. Just for the documentation we made some pictures:

In the background there is Oberrothorn where we were went  in the afternoon and stay there until sunset:

A few words about the king of mountains.
Matterhorn / Monte Cervino / Mont Cervin (4478 m) is one of the most beautiful peaks in the Alps and maybe even the world. It was the last Alpine higher than 4000m conquered by climbers. Its´ shape had to induce respect. It is now very busy peak for experienced hikers. It is needed a basic mountaineering equipment and mainly good condition. Usually for starting is needed acclimatization overcoming some surrounding 4000 m hill. Usually the way begin from Zermatt to challet Hörnli-Hütte (3260 m) and from there to the summit. Dangerous is a brittle rock, falling rocks and non-experienced climbers.

On Oberrothorn (3414 m)  we climbed too early. For the sunset remained several hours that we spent resting and admiring the scenery around us.

Unfortunately sunset was not as nice as yesterday, so we had to leave the summit with the head lamps down to hut. It was not easy to find it in the dark.

I tried near Fluhalp to produce also the night photo with a very long exposure time:

The next morning we caught the rain. Weather forecast was also not good and we had to finish our stay 2 days earlier and slowly took away to Zermatt. There around noon we reached the big rainstorm.

We had planned yet another photo shoot at the lake Riffelsee. Unfortunately the weather was bad and the bad weather was also the next year when we stopped there on the way from the French Alps.  Even so, it was an unforgettable expedition.

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