Chamonix and Mont Blanc have attracted me quite a long time. But not climbing on Mont Blanc. Usually I prefer to take pictures of nice mountain from the opposite mountains. Only then the  beauty of the mountain is fully accented. Finally I've never seen a nice photo with Mont Blanc captured from the top of Mont Blanc: o)
But I heard about the lake close to Mont Blanc with a beautiful reflection on the water surface. After a while of searching the internet I found a beautiful photo that inspired me to take a trip to this area. It was the following photo captured by Arthur Hofmann:

The lake is called Lac Blanc. We planned to spent a night in the cottage next to the lake, it means an opportunity to take pictures of sunsets and sunrises. For the following day had a plan to use the cable car to the Aiguille du Midi, a beautiful lookout point in the Mont Blanc massif. For the third day was plan to spent a day in Switzerland and taking photos close to the the town of Zermatt. Last year the rainstorm in Zermatt area did not allow to finish our plans so we  had to return there.

I travelled to France with my companion in the mountains Janko Macek. After a long journey, which lasted all night and half the next day we parked our car between the villages of Argentiere and Vallorcine in the parking lot of Col Des Montes.  From this point started a three-hours hiking tour. 

Maybe the GPS coordinates of that free parking lot can help to someone:

46 ° 00 '13.46 "N
6 ° 55 '25.19 "E

From the parking place we could admire the magnificent view of the main Alpine massif, where the last white hill was Mont Blanc.

Trail initially led switchbacks steeply up. We saw also chamois close to the walking trial.

After about an hour in the 2,000 meters altitude started magnificent views which we admired the rest of the way to Lac Blanc. But bellow Lac Blanc there were also some smaller lakes: 

I liked it when I was on the sidewalk and the French tourists greeted me "Bonjour Monsieur". At least a moment I felt like the King of France: o)

From the hiking trail it was possible to see several glaciers. But my eyes still tried to find a point on which I enjoyed as a small boy - viewing point Aiguille du Midi. From Chamonix runs the cable car up to 3842 m. There we should stand tomorrow afternoon ...

Aiguille du Midi  it is possible to see on the left of the following photos on top of a pointed rock massif. A giant in the top right is "His Majesty Mont Blanc".

Only a small ladder and after several minutes we were in Lac Blanc.

After a quick accommodation we started to discover the surroundings and of course our cameras had a lot of work:

Mont Blanc with  using a long focal length:

I was sad that the wind blew and the level of the lake was not calm. Probably I will not be able to capture the photo as Arthur did. When the wind stopped for a while, I tried to make a panorama. The result is not bad, but in the mountains it is always about happiness. Being at the right time in the right place here is valid more than elsewhere. 

The same shot made several minutes after the previous one, when the light was different because the sunset.

Evening at the cottage was very pleasant. The price was € 50 incl. halfboard. I did not promise much from the morning photos. We did a few shots and rushed down to the car, because as we have seen, the Aiguille du Midi was nice illuminated and to being there in that time had to be beautiful.

We are close to Chamonix:

It was noon and I suggested to wait for a better light and in the meantime to explore the city:

Around 3 pm some clouds appeared and mountains began to be worse visible. We rushed to the cable car. As soon as we entered into the cab, we looked up and we did not see anything. Unfortunately it did not change even up in the altitude 3,842 meters. We waited at the top of the cable car station for two hours, unfortunately nothing changed. We just paid everyone more than 40 € only for a bad mood. I hope that I will go there sometimes in the future again ...

So at least a few words about the cable car. Track consists of two sections, each with a length of 5.4 km. Within 10 minutes you are exported from a height of 1030 m to the middle station of 2317 m. Here you go to the next cabin, and for another 10 minutes you are in the Plan l'Aiguille du Midi of 3842 m. There is a restaurant, snack bar and souvenir shop. It is possible to use a lift and to reach the central peak Piton Central and from the bridge go to the viewing platform overlooking the surrounding mountain ranges. Towards to the Italian side leads another lift.

After returning down a rain surprised us. We went in the evening to Zermatt in Switzerland, and the next morning followed unplanned termination of the expedition and return home. The weather you are not able to choose ....

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