The Dolomites are for me the most beautiful mountains in Europe. You can find there all types of mountain landscape. Meadows full of flowers, rock massifs, as well as glaciers.

1 Seceda. View towards Le Odle just few minutes after rain.33
    1 The church in the village Cofolosco48
      1 Tre Cime during sunset50
        1 The view from the climbing towards the top of Monte Paterno.75
          1 View towards Presanella ater the sunrising.77
            1 Morning from the top of Lagazuoi.78
              1 Marian Matta captured during his work79
                1 Evening reflection of Pale di San Martino80
                  1 Backlight often provides unusual beauty81
                    1 82
                      1 Pasture bellow Sassolungo83
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                      1 The cows in Alpe di Siusi84
                        1 Monte Paterno and Tre Cime85
                          1 Inlet to the tunnel part of via ferrata towards to Monte Paterno86
                            1 Mountain hut Locatelli or Dreizinnen hutte.87
                              1 Rifugio Lagazuoi during sunset88
                                1 In massif Monte Paterno89
                                  1 90
                                    1 Gusela, Nuvolau, Averau captured from Passo Giau91
                                      1 2nd price in the content Mountain and Town 200792
                                        1 View from Passo Giau93
                                          1 94
                                            1 Hut Lorenzo in massif Cristallo95
                                              1 96
                                                1 98
                                                  1 Seceda195
                                                  • Marek 18.10.2014 - Hmmm Murmele...
                                                  1 196
                                                    1 Sexten Dolomites197
                                                      1 Rifugio Fratelli Fonda-Savio is built in a beautiful Passo dei Tocci. Above a hut there is very nice jagged peak Torre Wundt 2517 m./n.m. Not far from the hut there are several via ferrata climbing paths including famous via ferrata Via Merlone consist of many vertical ladders.200
                                                        1 201
                                                          1 Only 30 min. on foot from Passo Pordoi.202
                                                            1 What about to take a coffee in the restaurant with such a marvelous view? 203
                                                              1 Monte Paterno is a beautiful rocky hill near famous Tre Cime di Lavaredo. It is possible to reach the top of the hill through tunnels made during the 1st WW. Bellow you can see mountain hut Rifugio Locatelli or Dreinzinnen hutte. It that area the hills, towns, huts have both Italian and also German names because before 1st WW this country belonged under Austria.204
                                                                1 Pale di San Martino - one of the most beautiful part of Dolomites.205
                                                                  1 Captured from Seceda with the focus 180 MM.206
                                                                    1 208
                                                                      1 209
                                                                        1 The pasture bellow the giant Cristallo210
                                                                          1 211
                                                                            1 212
                                                                              1 213
                                                                                1 214
                                                                                  1 You can see Rifugio Lorenzo hut with sky-lift. But the slope seems to be suitable for suiciders..215
                                                                                    1 216
                                                                                      1 Via ferrata to the Top of Torre di Toblin (the dark rocky tower on the left side of my previous photo) looks quite dangerous. I decided to climbe on the top during the night to be able to catch the first beams of the Sun. Finally I found out that it was not so difficult as it looks. Only problem was that the Sun appeared only for a very short time and then disappeared behing the clouds. I found a nice video from simillar climbing to Torrre di Toblin there: 217
                                                                                        1 In May of 1915 war came to the Dolomites. Italian and Austrian soldiers fought mainly in the area which you can see in my photo. That time the border run through Tre Cime peaks. The winter of 1916/17 and its avalanches was the deadliest in history. During one 48-hour period in December of 1916, 10,000 men from both sides died as a result of avalanches in the Dolomites.218
                                                                                          1 219
                                                                                            1 220
                                                                                              1 221
                                                                                                1 222
                                                                                                  1 The vertical peak which I climbed during the night.223
                                                                                                    1 224
                                                                                                      1 225
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