Slovak mountains


Nine national parks are the pride of Slovakia, including the world's smallest high mountains The High Tatras (26 km long main range). Let´s go to discover the beauty of Slovak mountains.

1 According to many people that mountain is the most beautiful in Slovakia.13
    1 View from Kralova Hola towards east.110
      1 Winter on the top of Choč111
      • Miro Sabo 03.01.2014 - Ďakujem Janko za prvý koment na novom webe :o)
      • Jano J 03.01.2014 - Ja moc nie som turista, ale ten Choč si na tento rok naplánujem. Krásne fotky naozaj.
      1 We enjoyed the sun approx. 2 minutes....112
        1 From Choc you can see all important Slovak Mountains. 114
          1 Just few minutes after sunset a sky received perfect colors and a theatre could start...115
            1 117
              1 118
                1 View from Petit Rozsutec119
                • Jano J 03.01.2014 - tie slnečné lúče sú "Božie"
                1 View towards Stoh and Rozsutec120
                  1 The National Park High Fatra121
                    1 Velky Choc is superb!122
                      1 123
                        1 124
                          1 125
                            1 126
                              1 127
                                1 From the top of Rysy128
                                  1 Autumn on the top of Velky Choc129
                                    1 130
                                    • Jano J 03.01.2014 - Sú fotky, ktoré človeuk pripomenú, v akom krásnom kraji žije. Toto je jedna z nich :-)
                                    1 131
                                      1 The shadow of Rozsutec bellow was unbelivable. It lookslike pyramide but Rozsutec in reality has a completely different rocky shape.132
                                        1 On the Top of Velky Choc133
                                          1 Rysy 2012134
                                            1 135
                                            • Jano J 03.01.2014 - Uf, silná fotka.
                                            1 Vápeč 2013136
                                              1 137
                                                1 Velky Choc138
                                                  1 Velky Choc139
                                                  • Jano J 03.01.2014 - A že nemáme more.
                                                  1 The typical Slovak double cross on the top of the highest hill of the mountain range Low Tatras.140
                                                    1 To be a mountain photographer is sometimes very exciting.141
                                                      1 Ďumbier142
                                                        1 143
                                                          1 Captured from Velky Choc144
                                                            1 145
                                                              1 146
                                                                1 147
                                                                  1 My last mountain photo made 28 January 2011. I started before 4:00 from thevillage Zazriva Biela. There was minus 15 °C and no wind. But when I made that photo (700 m higher) there was approx. minus 20-25 °C and terrible wind which decreased the feeling temperature to antartic conditions. I broke also one of my snowshoes. For me it was not possible to make more photos than 3-4 shots and I returned as fast as possible down. Sometimes I wish to be a photographer of nice womans rather than a mountain photographer..148
                                                                  • Jano J 03.01.2014 - A vraj fotografovanie neboli :-)
                                                                  1 The National Park Slovak Paradise.149
                                                                  • Miro Sabo 07.09.2014 - Ziadna selfie. Fotila ma frajerka-teraz uz manzelka :-) Potreboval som ju vtedy nejako zaujat?
                                                                  • jano 05.09.2014 - selfie ?
                                                                  • Júlia 07.01.2014 - Pre niekoho srandičky, pre niekoho smrť v očiach..
                                                                  1 The summit of Sina peak in teh National Park Low Tatras230
                                                                    1 ´Kriváň is a famous hill in the national park The High Tatras. I can see a face on that photo. The two snow fields on the right side seems like two eyes and the lake bellow them seems like mouth...232
                                                                    • Miro Sabo 08.01.2014 - To podlhovasté pleso, ktoré spomínam v popise fotky je Vyšné Terianske pleso v doline Nefcerka.
                                                                    1 The First Beams of Morning233
                                                                      1 234
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